Technology women and teamwork. Closing the gap.

Technology: Women and teamwork. Closing the gap

An approach to the current HR requirements for banking and technology industries.

It was very interesting, constructive and inspiring to attended this event that took place in Buenos Aires City at JPM Chase offices, in which Lory Beer CIO of JPMorgan´s Corporate & Investment Bank, not only could share with the audience her knowledge and useful experience, as one of the most relevant women executives in the bank industry of today, but she also gave us her advice about how to face the future of technology and innovation in the broadest sense of the word.

As a referent of her industry I think that she could accomplish perfectly the main goal of the talk: encourage young girls to take part in the new wave of technology professionals that will change the world, as we know today, in the next years.

This is not just a matter of gender; it is a necessity to closing the gap. It has been proved that the most effective teams are those who compose of men as well as of women, technology teams are not the exception.

Technology: how women can make the difference.

After the talk I had the chance to have a word with Lori Beer, so I asked her some advice (considering her valuable experience in such hard industries, historically running by men), about how should a woman, in a leadership position, face difficult situations.

She answered me something very simple but honest “there are not recipes”, then she shared with me, in a very kind way, something important: one of her sources of inspiration for those moments:

When she has to face a very harsh situation, she just looks at a Winston Churchill portrait on her desk in which she can read these simple words:

“Never, never, never give up”… one of the most well known quotes from one of the most important leaders who made possible the triumph of the allies during the second World War.

It was definitely such an interesting and constructing experience.

I would like to acknowledge not only Lori Beer and “Media Chicas” for the invitation but also to Ron Choi Executive director at JPMorgan and very especially to the JPMorgan tech girls associates Angeles Tobon and María Paz Vives

So, remember girls:”The future is coming; the future of technology and innovation is here now, Join it!!”

Autora Veronica Herrera

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